The main task of the CREATIVE project in the Austrian – Hungarian border region is to support the creative economy enterprises by establishing and developing a co-operation along the added value chain.

Project duration: 01. 01. 2013. – 31. 12. 2014.

The objectives
- supporting the communication between the creative industry participants, and organizations based on technical terms, methods and guidelines mutually developed and agreed upon,
- database structure development to facilitate the communication between project participants,
- strengthening relations, institutionalize cross-border cooperations,
- organize business events to popularize best practices and trainings based on the actual development needs of the target group , opportunity for exchange of experiences,
- conscious dissemination of the creative industry concept and improving the visibility of the Creative Industry.

Target groups of the project are
…enterprises of the creative industry, nonprofit organizations, interest groups…
Other stakeholders …intellectual workshops attached to the sector, umbrella-multiplicator organizations (e.g. schools, universities), customers, the public...

Enterprises that meet the creative industry definition of the Green Book and common definitions are eligible to join:
„Creative industries are those industries which use culture as an input and have a cultural dimension, although their outputs are mainly functional.
They include architecture and design, which integrate creative elements into wider processes, as well as subsectors such as graphic design, fashion design or advertising.”
(GREEN PAPER about Unlocking the potential of cultural and creative industries /Brussels, 27.4.2010 COM(2010) 183 final EUROPEAN COMMISSION

Project partners

Kisalföldi Foundation for Enterprise Prootion

Regional Management Burgenland Ltd. – Creative Economy Center

University of West Hungary, Technology Transfer Office


Kernland LEADER Office – Eastern Styria

Contact, further information

The project being implemented under the Austira-Hungary Cross-border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013 is co-financed by the European Union and Hungary



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